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Adam Williams

I am a native Charlottean, graduate of Elon University, and I live in the Chantilly neighborhood with my wife Genevieve, my son Ash, and my dog Bishop. I am a Principal at Legacy Real Estate Advisors in Uptown Charlotte. Retail and restaurants are my area of expertise and I am a Principal in multiple restaurants in the area. My passion is improving the restaurant landscape in the Southeast. If you or someone you know needs a little guidance, I’m your guy. Feel free to reach me at adam@restauranttraffic.com.

Ashley Abelson

I’m a nomad having lived all around the US as well as abroad. My husband and I moved to the Queen City in 2013 from NYC, and live in the lovely Chantilly neighborhood with our adorable dog Dash. I have a passion for travel, and am a self-proclaimed foodie. When I’m not out on the town here in Charlotte, I’m in the kitchen trying new recipes. If you have any comments, questions or culinary recommendations to share, I can be reached at ashley@restauranttraffic.com.

Dave Tschirhart

Every story has humble beginnings. Mine started at Disney World and my first job at the age of 16 which was going to be in a restaurant. I thought it sounded glamorous but washing dishes for 8 hours a day was my introduction to the restaurant world. I moved up during my restaurant career working for Sea World and Rosie O’Grady’s before heading off to college at Auburn. Much to my mothers chagrin I ended up right back working in restaurants after college. My job titles included waiter-bartender-assistant manager-general manager and part owner so I understand the business better than most. I also know how hard it is and I appreciate the people that work in the industry. Feel free to reach out to me at dave@restauranttraffic.com.

Lea LeFebvre

I’m a Connecticut native, Clemson alumna, and (relatively) new Charlotte resident. During the day I help bring independent inventor-driven ideas to life as Marketing Manager at Edison Nation. When I’m not exploring and writing about the Charlotte restaurant scene you can find me grooving at local music venues, finding my zen in the yoga studio, sipping on local brews, or cheering on my Tigers. Know of any upcoming local happenings or want to share the details of a recent dining experience? Email me at lea@restauranttraffic.com

Liz Wohlrab

I am a recent Florida State University graduate and still fairly new to Charlotte. I love exploring everything that Charlotte has to offer especially the lively bar and restaurant scene. I enjoy discovering hidden gems in the food and beverage industry and hope to pass them along to the Restaurant Traffic readers. You can reach me at liz@restauranttraffic.com.

Mick Marlier

I grew up in Charlotte in the early 80’s, spent a good bit of my formative years in Milwaukee, and then moved back to Charlotte to finish high school. Adam Williams and I met our freshman year at Elon University and a couple years after graduation we began collaborating on Restaurant Traffic. I enjoy writing about good food, technology, helping others, and growing food for my loving wife & kids.Writing for Restaurant Traffic affords me the ability to share my observations on my beloved Queen City’s restaurant scene. Hit me up @mickmarlier on Twitter.

Nicole Frambach

I moved to Charlotte after graduating from East Carolina University to join all of the other Ohioans. I originally grew up on a small farm outside of Cleveland and have used that hard-work mentality to make my way into the Commercial Real Estate industry. Now a Retail Broker/Developer at The Keith Corporation, I call Sedgefield home when I am not busy with Girls on the Run, Blondes vs Brunettes, Females in Action or a number of other local charities that are close to my heart. In my spare time I pride myself on checking off the top 25 Restaurants in Charlotte each year, Finding the Hidden Gems, Meeting New People and Traveling the World. Contact me at nicole@restauranttraffic.com.

Rémy Thurston

After falling in love with southern food when I moved from the colder states about 12 years ago, I’ve since been following my nose and taste buds throughout the South seeking the best and boldest foods and drinks. I’m proud of the growing food community in the Charlotte area, starting with everyone from the farmers all the way to the service staff that all care about what you—and I—are eating. My involvement with Restaurant Traffic is a culmination of this passion and a strong desire to get as many people excited about local food and news as possible. Email me with questions and comments at remy@restauranttraffic.com.

Roxanne de Rothschild

I grew up in New York City and decided to get a fresh start upon graduation from NYU. Rather than joining my family in the banking industry, I moved to Charlotte to join the banking industry. When Wachovia bought the farm, I knew it was time for a change. The restaurant scene in Charlotte has been changing daily with the influx of Johnson & Wales alumni into local kitchens. I’m fascinated at how restaurateurs and operators are adapting to attract and feed customers in Economy 4.0. You can find me working the PR angle for restaurants around town and keeping the RT readers informed about the latest happenings. If you have a tasty scoop to share, let me know at roxy@restauranttraffic.com

Seth Stratton

What does the bumper sticker say: I wasn’t born in the South but I got here as fast as I could. I guess that describes me. A Michigan native, I came to North Carolina for college (Appalachian State, go Mountaineers!) and decided I liked it so much I’d stay. Those who know me best say I care too much about my sports teams, enjoy venturing into new craft beer outposts and love my indie rock and bluegrass. I’m a newlywed and enjoy trying out new restaurants with family and friends. Drop me a line at seth@restauranttraffic.com

Joe Restivo

Born and raised in Ohio, I moved to the Queen City in 2008 after graduating from The University of Dayton. My reason for relocation is the same as many transplant Charlotteans, as the proximity to both mountains and beaches is too perfect to pass up! By day I, own StoneFish LLC, a small internet marketing agency who’s focus is to help small businesses develop a stronger online presence. I have a beautiful wife who is also from Ohio, two dogs, a boxer Zoey, and a pitbull, Savvy. Going out to eat with family and friends is one of my favorite things to do because of all the unique diners and restaurants Charlotte has to offer. My favorite restaurants in the area include Cajun Yard Dog, Ed’s Tavern, and Mac’s Speed Shop. Email me at joe@restauranttraffic.com