Burger King Introduces $4 Menu

Burger King Introduces $4 Menu

BK 5 for $4 iii

One of the biggest resolutions this year is to spend less money. It seems fast food chains are eager to help us consumers with that issue.  They are not keen on helping us with our other resolution to lose weight. Now, Burger King also wants to lend a helping hand with their 5-items for $4 promotion.  The new menu includes chicken nuggets, small fries, a bacon cheeseburger, chocolate chip cookie and a drink.  It seems the only catch is you have to buy all the items together in a set rather than pay 80 cents apiece. Still, that’s a pretty solid meal for $4.  While it’s definitely going to help our wallets, it might not help out with losing the weight. Oh well, there’s always next year.

BK 5 for $4 II

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