Checking Out Bravo! Blakeney With CLT Bloggers

Checking Out Bravo! Blakeney With CLT Bloggers

Last week Vanessa Capece with Yellow Duck Marketing invited Restaurant Traffic to join other CLT bloggers to sample the fare at the new Bravo! Cucina Italian in Blakeney. Bravo took over the space previously occupied by one of the worst restaurants in South Charlotte, Encore, and remodeled the exterior, interior, and patio. Hunter, the general manager, and Chef Willy, the executive chef, provided us with a tour de flavor of the entire menu. We enjoyed learning about the cuisine and getting to know the ladies behind the blogs Fervent Foodie, Honee Bee Gifts, and Your Best Friend’s Best Girlfriend; they were great company and I loved hearing their take on the food and favorite places to eat around town. Below is a photo essay of the dishes we tried:

A heaping plateful of the Calamari Fritta Appetizer.


Nice presentation to the tender, rare Beef Carpaccio Appetizer.


The Crispy Shrimp Napoli was my favorite appetizer. The exterior was flash-fried crisp and savory, with succulent shrimp seared on the interior.


The Flatbread Roma Pizza was another winner. They toss the tomatoes in Bloody Mary mix before roasting them. That extra step pays big dividends when it comes to flavor.


Grilled Salmon with a tasty balsamic glaze and fresh veggies. The sweet potatoes were a unique touch I enjoyed.


A Lemon Herb Chicken for the gluten-free folks not wanting to miss out while their companions enjoy the pasta.


The buttery, hearty Chicken Scallopini.


Lastly, the heavenly and decadent chocolate zabaglione on the Dessert Trio. Chocolate, eggs, sugar. What’s not to like?



Bravo! is a nice addition to the Blakeney restaurant scene. The place is big enough to handle large crowds, the patio lets you linger and enjoy the folks walking about, and the menu goes beyond traditional Italian fare. Also, be sure to check out the bar menu and try the pulled pork sliders if you’re looking for a quick, affordable bite to eat.

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  1. Bravo will do well in Blakeney. That is exactly the type of restaurant that will be supported by that neighborhood.

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