Chik-fil-A Testing New Sauces

Chik-fil-A Testing New Sauces

Chik fil a Sauce

Is Chik-fil-A really that bad for you?   Is it really fast food?  All questions to be debated.  One thing not to be debated is how popular the chain is.  They recently opened their first location in New York City and had lines around the building.  Most chains have their sauces behind the counter where you have to ask for them but not Chik-fil-A.  The sauces are out front for you to grab as many of them as you want without being judged.  Recent reports say that Chik-fil-A is testing Sweet & Spicy Sriracha, Smokehouse BBQ, Garlic & Herb Ranch and Zesty Buffalo sauces to be phased in sometime in 2016.  We are certain these sauces will be worth the visit……….my pleasure.

Chik fil a Sauce Store

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