Hickory Tavern Tries Food Trucks

Hickory Tavern Tries Food Trucks

HT Food Truck

Ok, Hickory Tavern is not actually doing the food truck thing in the traditional sense.  They are using their “bricks and mortar” restaurants to offer their food truck fare.  Hickory Tavern has taken some of the most popular menu items from Food Trucks across the country and are serving them in their 16 restaurants.  Menu items include Italian Meatballs from Chicago, Potsitckers from San Francisco and Street Pretzels from Philadelphia.  They also serve them “food truck” style in corrugated paper to go containers even if you are going to eat them in the restaurant.  Hickory Tavern wants to give you the full experience.  Our server this past Saturday told us that the food truck menu items have been extremely popular with the Italian Meatballs being the star.

HT Food Truck II

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  1. Cool idea. Has anyone tried any of the food?

    • My husband had the pot stickers, he said that they were good- we were at the Providence Rd Hickory Tavern.

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