Hooters Plans Big Changes

Hooters Plans Big Changes

Hooters New Look

Hooters is turning 30 and planning on some big changes.  They are updating their logo, uniforms and restaurants.  Hooters, which invented the “Brestaurant” category for restaurants, has seen younger competitors like Twin Peaks and the Tilted Kilt significantly eat into their market share.  To combat the new “younger” brands Hooters plans on offering new healthy fresh menu items versus the almost completely fried food they had been serving.  The actual restaurants will also get a new look as they expand the outside patio and give the interiors a more softer look.  The iconic Hootie the owl mascot will become more streamlined but the large eyes that resemble a certain part of a woman’s body will remain.

hooters girls

So now to the important part of the Hooters rebranding effort.  What about the neon orange shorts, tight tank top and the pantyhose under baggy white socks that the waitresses wear?  The uniform will undergo minor changes.  They are considering losing the pantyhose and making the shorts a little less like the 80’s so the Hooter girls will pretty much remain the same.  Whew!   Some things are not meant to be messed with.

Hooters Bar New Look


Hooters of Charlotte on Urbanspoon

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  1. i hope they keep the pantyhose! i have seen some of the girls without, and they look much better with them and it seem more hygienic as well. keep the pantyhose,loose the scrunchy socks or best yet, don’t mess with it at all!

    • Leggy Krueger, WOW!

      Sorry, but Hooters well um…really bad food and not much to look at. I mostly feel embarrassed for the wait staff, the few times I’ve been stuck going with a group.

  2. Sorry Hooters… No pantyhose means not interested anymore!

  3. well they are sexy and not trashy so keep it. the current shorts is very nice and sexy
    If they look bad, then maybe its not the uniform but the girl who is wearing it.
    The orange short and pantyhose and white stretchy shirt is part of the charm. Besides
    the food has improved greatly in a past year or so, and the girls remained sexy and
    authentic. I like them in pantyhose and the super tight orange short, it makes them
    look really sexy. Sorry if you gay or an ugly woman and feel threatened by the
    hooters girls then there is always McDonalds for you. Don’t let the door hit you in
    the back when you leave us Hooters lovers enjoy the greasy unhealthy but tasty
    food with a pretty girl in pantyhose and tight pants.

  4. Slouch socks are sooo hotttt

  5. Pantyhose legs are why I go

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