Jo Jo China Bistro Closes up in Stonecrest

Jo Jo China Bistro Closes up in Stonecrest

Jo Jo Front

Jo Jo China Bistro closed last night in StoneCrest.  StoneCrest is a very hot market and many restaurants want to be in the exclusive center.  Jo Jo just could not make it.  The rent is high in StoneCrest so you have to bring your A game.  Jo Jo has been there for a long time and will still operate Baoding in Southpark.    Sources tell Restaurant Traffic that another Asian inspired restaurant will fill Jo Jo’s.  The source says StoneCrest is excited to welcome the new restaurant and described it as a hip, hot concept.  We think it is sad that restaurants close and wish the owners of Jo Jo the best.

Jo Jo Noodles

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  1. Always sad when a restaurant closes. Any ideas on who is going to to go in there?

    • is this the space where a well known ATL operator with restaurants in San Diego and St. Louis will plant their flag in Charlotte? The market, the development, and the size of the space all make sense.

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