KFC and Taco Bell Testing Home Delivery

KFC and Taco Bell Testing Home Delivery

KFC Delivery Taco Bell

OK, first McDonalds started doing breakfast all day because Millennials could not get out of bed before 10:30 in the morning and now comes word that Yum Brands is testing home delivery for Taco Bell and KFC.  Taco Bell thinks delivery would be a “massive sales driver for the brand,” according to CEO Greg Creed.  Creed said they would start testing delivery near a couple of college campuses or anywhere medicinal marijuana is sold (I made that last one up but it does make sense)  Taco Bell and KFC would not deliver all the time but only during certain times like Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  Got to give it to the Millennials, they are giving a new meaning to lazy.

KFC Delivery Scooter

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