McDonald’s to Try Custom Burgers

McDonalds Custom Burgers 2

McDonald’s is testing a Build-Your-Burger platform that lets customers create their own meals.  You would use a touchscreen kiosk and order your burger any way you want it.  You choose the number of patties, the style of bun, the cheese you want and any of the 17 toppings and sauces.  McDonald’s is trying to compete with the better-burger brands that are popping up everywhere.  Customers then would pay at the kiosk with their credit card and receive a receipt with a number on it which they would clip to a tabletop stand.  Runners deliver your food to your table.  Not your usual McDonald’s experience but one people have come to expect in this era of customization.

McDonalds Custom Burgers Menu

McDonald’s is testing the new concept in Southern California now with the hopes of rolling it out nationwide in 2015.  The burger giant has seen sales slide as customers want fresher options than some sandwich that has been sitting under a heat lamp for the past hour.  Will it work?   You tell us.  Would you go and order a “Better Burger” from McDonald’s?

McDonalds Custom Burgers

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