Name Your Own Slurpee Price

Name Your Own Slurpee Price


Convenience store chain 7-Eleven has done some great deals with their Slurpees.  However, this newest one might just be the coolest. Wanting to give back to the community, 7-Eleven is celebrating what they call Name Your Own Price Day.

An inverse of the celebrated 7-Eleven Day (7/11), Name Your Own Price Day will take place on Nov. 7 (11/7). On this special day, patrons can buy a Slurpee of any size and choose what they want to pay for the drink.

You can pay 25 cents or $25 bucks for a drink. However, keep in mind that your money will go towards a great cause. The entirety of the proceeds will go to Feeding America, including local member food banks, so be generous.

Name Your Own Price Day will begin at 12:01 am and end at 11:59 pm Saturday, Nov. 7.

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