New Additions to Historic Downtown Pineville

New Additions to Historic Downtown Pineville

Change is coming finally to historic downtown Pineville, otherwise known as the (very) small strip of historic buildings located on Main Street. Although it may not be much for now, it still is pleasant news for anyone who enjoys to eat a meal, or drink a craft beer. The small section of Main Street will now officially have two options for hungry-goers, and a casual craft beer option for locals. The strip, full of charming buildings and stores that were built in the early 1900’s, has plenty of potential.

The popular fine dining restaurant, Global Restaurant Bar & Lounge, will officially relocate from Ballantyne to downtown Pineville at the end of this summer. Their new home will be located at 314 Main Street, only a few buildings down from the strip’s only other dining establishment, Two On Earth Bakery & Café. The restaurant will be celebrating their 9th anniversary this year as well.

Along with the new restaurant addition, Main Street is also gaining a soon-to-be local hotspot for beer lovers. Located at 329 Main Street, Pintville Craft Beer will offer a casual drink option for locals who aren’t interested in driving all the way Uptown or to South End for a craft beer. Once opened, they plan to offer 20 to 30 taps to choose from. Although the brewery won’t be serving food, they will allow for food to be brought in from the surrounding restaurants. The building was approved for construction this month.

In pursuit of the finest meals, craft beers and culinary experiences that the Queen City has to offer.


  1. A craft beer shop in downtown Pineville,never thought I would see that happen.

  2. Would be great if you got an updated picture of Pineville. This picture is very old. Sophie’s is no longer there nor is the gun shop. Baile’s just has been purchased. Also Kiki’s Kottage is at 320 and there is a travel agency on the other side of Christies.

  3. FYI , there is also a great Bicycle repair shop just around the corner by the RR tracks. Dick’s Bicycle Repair

  4. Pintville is awesome! Can’t wait for Global to open… that’ll be a great drinks/dinner combo.

  5. Seems great until you realize the Pineville police are right down the street to harass you.

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