Olive Garden Turning to Tabletop Tablets

Olive Garden Turning to Tabletop Tablets

Olive Garden Tablets

Olive Garden will introduce tabletop tablets that will allow guests to browse the menu, order drinks, appetizers, desserts and quickly pay their checks without ever having to interact with a human.  Feedback has been positive from the  restaurant guests and also the servers.  Restaurants experience higher guest satisfaction scores and increased tips for the staff.  The tablets will also feature news from USA Today and trivia games that the whole family can play together since what family has the time to simply talk during dinner?  Olive Garden says the tablets will be in all 800+ US locations by the end of the year.

Olive Garden Tablets 2

You can find me working the PR angle for restaurants around town and keeping the RT readers informed about the latest happenings.


  1. Funny,what families have the time to talk during dinner!

  2. Nothing more appetizing than touching a tablet that hundreds of small children have had their unwashed fingers on since the last time that it was sanitized (never).

  3. Stan is right, can you imagine how dirty those tablets will be? Little germ breeding grounds, no thanks.

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