Restaurant Rumors- City Tavern Coming to Waxhaw

Restaurant Rumors- City Tavern Coming to Waxhaw

city tavern the mill Sources are telling Restaurant Traffic that City Tavern is coming to Waxhaw.  City Tavern has other locations in South Park, River Gate and Stonecrest.   They are slated to take the former LaVecchia’s site on Main Street in downtown Waxhaw.  The Mill Eatery & Drafthouse never even opened in this location although they did put their signs up.  Downtown Waxhaw has seen a resurgence in restaurants opening due to passing liquor by the drink a couple of years ago.  We wish City Tavern luck.

city tavern waxhaw


You can find me working the PR angle for restaurants around town and keeping the RT readers informed about the latest happenings.


  1. They are being force out of StoneCrest too ?

  2. There are hiring signs at that location now in Waxhaw

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