Tijuana Flats Closes on East Blvd

Tijuana Flats Closes on East Blvd


Orlando based Tijuana Flats has closed their location on East Blvd.  The ownership group told Restaurant Traffic that they shut their doors this past Friday.  Tijuana Flats never seemed to catch on with the Dilworth crowd.  No indication on what will go into this site next.


You can find me working the PR angle for restaurants around town and keeping the RT readers informed about the latest happenings.


  1. There’s a new Tijuana Flats opening in University City!

    • And it will be just a shity as this one that closed!

      • No shocker here. This place was terrible all around. On top of the overpriced food the music selection was Creed, Nickleback, etc . To each their own but not my thing.

      • Looks like construction happening in the building. Any idea what is coming?

  2. that building is so cursed, best of luck to whoever gets the space, they should just make it a drivethru chain

    • A drive thru chain??? How about I drive thru you. It’s bad enough we have a showmars and outback on that stretch. I rather have a crumbling down building.

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