True Crafted Pizza Shakes up Stonecrest

True Crafted Pizza Shakes up Stonecrest

True Pizza Open

We kept hearing about a unique Pizza place in StoneCrest called True Crafted Pizza.  We had never made it over there since the Ballantyne area seems so far away when you live close to the Center City (we are spoiled).  This past week I met a colleague at True and came away very impressed.  They make real Artisan Pizzas at True, no two pies come out looking the same in shape or size.  True was started in Charlotte, our server told us they have been open since May of 2013.  At True you order at the counter and the food is brought to you in fast casual style.  We went with the oven baked Margherita and Pepperoni Pizzas.  Both were tasty and made it to our table in under 10 minutes so you can certainly get in and out of there for your lunch hour.  Our time at True was short and I plan on bringing the family back to try the Crispy Mozzarella Wedges and Grilled Pizzas in the very near future.

True Pizza Pizza

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