Whatever A Brooklyn Water Bagel Is, It Is Coming To Charlotte

Whatever A Brooklyn Water Bagel Is, It Is Coming To Charlotte

BWB - 3-egg breakfast sandwich

Next Wednesday, February 12th, Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., a bakery/cafe restaurant that creates “Brooklynized” water for use in all its food, beverage and bakery products, will open its newest restaurant location in Ballantyne. Located at 15105 John J Delaney Dr., it will be the first Brooklyn Water Bagel to open in the finest state in America.

Brooklyn Water Bagel uses proprietary water technology to produce authentic New York bagels. According to BWB, “It’s all about the water!”

BWB - Interior Shot (2)

In addition to freshly baked bagels, the made-to-order menu at Brooklyn Water Bagel includes other New York favorites like 3-egg breakfast sandwiches, over-stuffed bagelwiches, scooper melts, and muffins. Coffee lovers will enjoy the restaurant’s signature Iced Coffee Cubsta, featuring coffee ice cubes, along with coffee stations to personalize your caffeine peccadillos.

BWB - Bagels

Since launching its first restaurant in 2009, the Florida-based brand is an emerging national player and a leader in the quick service industry. Currently located in six states, California, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, and now North Carolina, the company plans to expand from 17 locations to over 20 total restaurants by the end of 2014.

Does the idea of bagels made with Yankee water freak you out? Kinda freaks us out too but then again what fun is life if you don’t get freaky with your bad self every now and then. We’ll head in for a review once they are up and running, and report back with a post.

Have any of the RT faithful eaten at Brooklyn Water Bagel? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. How do you make Brooklyn Water?

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