Yard House Looking to the Queen City

Yard House Looking to the Queen City

Yard House Front

Restaurant giant Darden Restaurants which has been long rumored to be scouting the Charlotte for its Seasons 52 concept has also been in the market for Yard House.  Yard House’s claim to fame is they have the “world’s largest selection of draft beers.”  Each location has between 130-250 beers on tap.  Yard House features a center island bar and a glass-enclosed keg room.  Three to five miles of individual beer lines stretch overhead from the keg room to the bar keeping the beer at a constant temperature of 34-36 degrees.  Yard House gets its name from the 3-foot-tall glass containers that hold 2.5 Imperial Pints (50 ounces for us Americans)  Yard House Yard

Yard House is looking in the usual areas of Charlotte that every other restaurant wants to be in.   Southpark, Ballentyne, Uptown and Huntersville are their desired locations.  Darden has been looking to sell Red Lobster and focus on their higher ended more profitable restaurants.  The new quick service models like Chipotle have stolen market share from not only Red Lobster but also Olive Garden so Darden wants to focus on brands they feel can make them money in the long run.

Yard House Taps II

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You can find me working the PR angle for restaurants around town and keeping the RT readers informed about the latest happenings.


  1. What’s the point of offering good beer if they serve it so cold that all its flavor is lost? Craft beers should be served between 46 and 52 depending on style, NOT 34-36.

  2. 34-36 degrees? That’s INSANE. Good beer (not BMC water) should be served between the mid-40s (Hefe, Tripel, Stout, Porter, Dunkel, IPA etc.) and the low 50s (Dubbel, DIPA, Barleywine, Doppelbock).

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