Hazelnuts Creperie Coming to Blakeney

Hazelnuts Creperie Coming to Blakeney

Hazelnut's Crepe

Hazelnuts Creperie is planning to open their 3rd Charlotte location at Blakeney Shopping Center in South Charlotte. What started 5 years ago as an unknown crepe concept tucked away in the back of the lobby at 200 South Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte has grown to include a Kiosk at the 7th street Public Market and now their first stand alone location at Blakeney Shopping Center. Hazelnuts Creperie has become known for providing guests with streamlined service and a no-nonsense menu of delicious ethnic inspired crepes.

Hazelnuts Interior

They serve breakfast all day and specialize in both sweet and savory crepes. The new location is set to open this Fall. Until then, if your craving some Nutella or just want to try something new for lunch then we highly recommend you visit them at their 200 South Tryon Street location or at the 7th Street Public Market.  Trust us you will enjoy it.

Hazelnuts Crepe

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  1. Yes! Love Hazelnuts. Eat there all the time for lunch and now they are coming to my neighborhood. Can’t wait.

  2. Best crepes in town and it is not even close.

  3. I knew about the one in the 7th Street Market but did not know there were 2 locations? Congrats on store #3. Support local small business.

  4. We love the crepes whether savory or sweet….they are wonderful!

  5. This is great news. Now I can go get a crepe after church without having to drive all the way to Uptown.

  6. Hey Hazelnuts come up to Huntersville. We will welcome you with both arms open.

  7. The best!

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