Bravo Cucina Italiana Coming to Blakeney

Bravo Cucina Italiana Coming to Blakeney

Bravo 4

Sources have told Restaurant Traffic that Bravo Cucina Italiana will announce their newest location in the Blakeney Shopping Center.  We will not announce exactly where since they are back filling a currently operating restaurant.  Bravo currently has one other location in the area at the Northlake Mall.  Bravo is the sister restaurant of Brio Tuscan Grille.  They both serve Italian fare but Bravo is a bit more informal than Brio and the prices are generally less.  They both feature open kitchens and a lively atmosphere.  Bravo bills itself as more family friendly which is the key to success in the Blakeney area.  Bravo hopes to open by Spring.

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You can find me working the PR angle for restaurants around town and keeping the RT readers informed about the latest happenings.


  1. I bet they are going into that Chilli’s. That is the worst Chilli’s I have ever been in.

  2. Has to be Encore. Never anybody in there.

  3. Yeah, I’m hoping Encore. We just went a few weeks ago, and it was empty, plus the food was pretty terrible.

  4. I would love to see the Chili’s go but, my money is on Encore…

  5. Encore is “dead man walking”

  6. Brixx will be booing after the Encore.

  7. Guessing Encore…The Ohio connection. Too bad Chris Doody’s newest, Piada, is not taking space in Blakeney.

  8. My money is on Encore.

  9. It’s obviously Encore but why would the landlord put in italian restaurant that would compete with Brixx?

  10. Piada would be a home run. I ate at one in Columbus, Ohio and it would do great at Blakeney.

    • Dave

      We hear the next great concept is Piada which is basically Chipotle with Italian food. I ate at a similar concept in Winter Park Florida called Italio Modern Italian Kitchen and it was very good.

  11. 131main would be my guess, they may be looking cut their losses

    • It also has the square footage needed, their space requirements are in the 8000′ range ane i don’t think encore is that large

  12. Encore announced that it will be closing on Dec. 8th so it has to be there!

  13. Dave

    Yes it is Encore. We could not announce who it was since the employees did not know at the time. So lets hear it from the folks at Blakeney-are you happy a big chain restaurant is replacing an independent one? Do only chain restaurants work out in the Charlotte Burb’s?

    • Mick

      This is my home turf so I’ll be watching Bravo Cucina closely. Space is a major factor at Blakeney. Brixx is super cramped yet runs a brisk business. Greco Fresh Grille offers solid Greek food. 131 Main stays busy. Encore didn’t do much to bring people back with their food and ambiance. Bravo doesn’t have to do much to beat the previous occupants. I just wish it was a unique local concept.

  14. Not very happy with a chain restaurant coming in. I’ll give it a shot, but I probably won’t support it. Oh well, there’s plenty of other places.

  15. BOO on a big chain. I never went to Encore (maybe I should have!), but this is immediately bad.

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