La Tagliatella at the Epicenter – Sneak Peek

La Tagliatella at the Epicenter – Sneak Peek

La Tagliatella opens to the general public today.  General Manager Daniel Gibson and his staff invited Restaurant Traffic to a lunch preview and we were impressed.  La Tagliatella is a European company with over 135 restaurants but this is only the 4th one in the USA.  They are located on the first floor of the Epicenter and the upfit is first class.

la 5

la 6

la 4

The food was outstanding.  They start you off with the olives and we ordered the Foacaccia Ligure as an appetizer.  I can’t pronounce anything correctly in Italian but our server Ian, who was great, was very understanding and did not mock us as we merely pointed to what we wanted on the menu.

la 7

They also brought us a Goat Cheese and Caramelized Tomato Salad by mistake which we greedily wolfed down.

la 8

On to the main event.   Someone told me that you can judge an Italian restaurant by the quality of the Margherita Pizza they serve and La Tagliatella did not disappoint.  The pizza came out uncut and they had pizza cutter on the plate which we thought was a great idea.

la 9

la 10

The Lasagna Verde had Spinach, Sweet Tomato, Zucchini, Raisins and Pine Nuts in it and was delicious.  The general consensus at the table was it was the best thing we tried.


We also had pasta since you have to in an Italian Restaurant.  Our experience at La Tagliatella was great and we will be back.  They open Wednesday for lunch and dinner service.

By Dave
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  1. Place looks great. Might give Libretto’s a tough time. Looks higher end so maybe there is enough business to go around.

  2. You guys get to go to all the grand openings-I am jealous.

  3. Where is it located?

    • Ryan

      Timmy- It is on the first floor of the Epicenter next to Mortimer’s. Give it a try and tell them Restaurant Traffic sent you.

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