Piada, the Next Big Trend???

Piada, the Next Big Trend???

Chipotle rules the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) scene. Their market cap is a staggering $16.4 Billion Dollars. That, my friends, is a lot of frickin’ burritos. Naturally, everyone in the game is trying to figure out the next iteration of QSR gold. Chris Doody founded Bravo Restaurants. This, officially makes him a big deal in the industry.

Piada FounderWhen he decided to make another concept, he went to Italy for inspiration. He took a slice of Chipotle and another from Panera Bread and made a Quick Service Italian Concept. I have wanted to get to Ohio (The only place to get this Italian street food as of now) to see the concept in person, but have not found a compelling enough reason to go as of yet. Luckily the next best thing happened. A good friend and talented marketer Anne Marie Holder of Spark Strategic Ideas in South Park had a business trip in Dayton ( I have heard it is beautiful this time of year) and agreed to give me a run down. Not only did she give me a thorough report on the ins and outs of the Dayton, OH store, she took pics! From my friends in the area, the demand seems to be there with busy stores and good sales numbers for many of the units.

The big issue with a concept that is built to scale units as quickly as possible is the ability to staff them adequately enough to deliver a positive customer experience in all of the units while the growth is happening. It is hard work indeed because so much bandwidth is dedicated to securing and executing new units, it is easy to let the existing units suffer. I wish these guys the best of luck and hope that this becomes a relevant concept for a long time.


Thanks again, AMH. We will see a concept like this in the next couple years here in Charlotte. Vapiano Uptown is similar, but on a grand scale. Italio is a similar concept in Orlando, FL that Dave Tschirhart has visited and reported on as well. So the question is, who will deliver a concept like this to Charlotte and where will it be located? Will it be an established restaurateur in town or a new player in the game? We will let you know the where’s and when’s.

By Adam
My passion for great food, service, live music, and beer/wine/bourbon (not necessarily in that order) makes this type of work pretty entertaining.


  1. Please open a restaurant in Charlotte, NC

  2. Can you open a location in Charlotte nc

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