Stagioni Opens In Myers Park

Stagioni Opens In Myers Park

Bruce Moffit is on a roll. What started as a Northeastern relocation has evolved into a culinary stronghold in Charlotte. Barrington’s in Foxcroft was the first installment. The only complaint I ever hear about that restaurant is that people can’t get in. If you haven’t been there, make it a point to do so. I had my holiday party there and still think about the bison short ribs I inhaled. Next came a restaurant near & dear to me. Good Food on Montford is one of my shortlist restaurants for any occasion. So how do you follow two restaurants that have become long term winners? How about family style Italian in a converted 1920’s mansion in Eastover? Stagioni is now open on Providence Road.


This venture has turned into a labor of love for Bruce and took 15 months to complete. Now you need to understand that Eastover/Myers Park restaurant locations do not come onto the market every day. This is one of the best demographic locations between Atlanta and Raleigh. When it happens, you take chances and make sacrifices to open here. Upon first bite, I can’t see Stagioni being anything short of another homerun for the chef/owner. The space is modern and sophisticated with a dominant and energetic open kitchen floor plan.



In addition to the intimate dining room, there is a bar with +- 25 seats that greets you upon walking in the front door.


I only tried a few of the selections on the menu and am looking forward to grazing the menu (Especially the pizzas I have been hearing all about). First off was the Cannelloni made with braised veal, porcini mushrooms and bechamel. This was rich and delicious. I could easily have made a meal out of it, but the exciting thing about family style is the ability to bite & pass the plate.


The gnocchi selection was made with prosciutto, mushrooms, peas and cream.


The next dish we sampled was simply delicious. Agnolotti made with butternut squash, apple foam, pancetta and brussel sprouts.


Call Bruce and company soon to check out one of the new restaurants that people will be talking about. The location is at 715 Providence Road near The Manor Theater. Make sure to #restauranttraffic your pics on Instagram & Twitter

By Adam
My passion for great food, service, live music, and beer/wine/bourbon (not necessarily in that order) makes this type of work pretty entertaining.


  1. Greets. Not greats.

    • Adam

      Want an editor job? Pay sucks but food is pretty great 🙂

  2. I was so excited when Stagioni opened because I live right around the corner and was hoping it could become a new go-to in the neighborhood. Maybe I was there on a bad night, but there were so many things wrong with our meal. First off, the service was terrible. Our waiter wasn’t knowledgeable about the menu or the bar, and seemed disinclined to answer basic questions or do anything (including refilling our water glasses) to take of our party of four. It took forever to get drinks and longer to get our food. At one point when we were attempting to order our food, our waiter literally turned away and began talking with someone from the kitchen as we all sat and watched. When the food did arrive, the plates were dropped in front of us. I ended up with my friend’s cauliflower pizza and a Peewee Herman-sized pair of scissors to cut the pizza. Not only was it extremely gimmicky and silly, it was also awkward watching her cut a pizza with a pair of giant kitchen scissors. Our meals were all extremely salty and mediocre at best. Luckily, our waiter had left a carafe of water at the table so we could refill our glasses ourselves. We were repeatedly interrupted mid-conversation by bus staff and our waiter, suddenly all anxious to move us along with our meal. They removed our plates before we had swallowed our last bites. Still optimistic, we ordered dessert which arrived almost immediately. Just as we began to eat the gelato that was melting on the hot plate it came out, the open concept kitchen, which we were seated adjacent to, began breaking down. Within minutes, cleaning chemicals began wafting at our table and through the dining room. I could understand this if it had been midnight and we were the only table remaining, but it was 9:45 and the restaurant was still at least half full. One of the people in our party has a lung condition, so we choked down a few more bites and headed out. The grand total for our meal: $300.

    For less money and a far better experience, I’ll head a few doors down to Terra, which offers gluten free options (we asked at Stagioni and were told, “we don’t have anything gluten free.”), a cozy environment, knowledgeable waitstaff and great food.

    • Dave

      Amy, We know the owner Bruce pretty well and will make sure he sees your comment. The employees will never care about the restaurant like the owner and he can’t be there all the time. It will be good for him to hear what goes on to guests of his restaurant and their perceptions of Stagioni. For $300 you and your group certainly should have had a more positive experience. Thanks for reading Restaurant Traffic.

  3. I made a reservation for 4 at 5:30 and was told that I would have to “leave the table by 7:00.” I cancelled the reservation. I thought I would give it a try after Amy’s review but with the reply I got when making the reservation I can see why she had the experience she did. Never had a restaurant tell me that before!.

  4. We’ve called twice and they have been booked both times. Gonna keep trying. Not saying anyone a liar here, but seems weird considering the owners experience in the biz…

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