26 Acts of Kindness Hits Home

26 Acts of Kindness Hits Home

I went to put gas in my car at the Shell station on Selwyn Avenue and attached to the nozzle was a $20 dollar bill with the words Happy Holidays written on it.  I thought it was my lucky day but I realized it was part of the 26 Acts of Kindness movement to honor the 26 students and teachers that were killed in Newtown, Connecticut.  NBC news corespondent Ann Curry came up with the idea and it has caught on in all parts of the country.  The idea is simple, you do random acts of kindness to strangers as a way to help heal all of us from this senseless tragedy.  On a personal note the Newtown shootings have hit home especially hard as we have a 1st grade daughter and all 20 of the children killed were in 1st grade.  I can’t imagine Christmas this year for these families.  I get to wake up and see the joy and wonderment on her face and they do not.  Let’s all continue to remember the victims in our thoughts and prayers.  Merry Christmas.

By Dave
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  1. Very cool. The 26 Acts are inspiring. Seeing the names on the checklist is sobering.

  2. It is tough to imagine those parents on this Christmas morning. My thoughts go out to them. It must be a very emotional time.

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