3 New Pizza Joints You Should Try For National Cheese Pizza Day

3 New Pizza Joints You Should Try For National Cheese Pizza Day

Apparently, September 5th is the greatest day ever: National Cheese Pizza Day. You’re welcome die-hard pizza lovers. Although, if you’re like me, you hardly need an excuse to stuff your face with endless amounts of cheese pizza.

When it comes to the Queen City, it’s almost impossible not to find an enjoyable pizza restaurant. It seems like every other month a new restaurant decides it’s time to pop up and into our lives for the better.

For those of you in need of some cheesy, carb-packed inspiration, here are three new pizza spots near Uptown that are worth checking out this year:

1. Pizzeria Omaggio – Located at 1055 Metropolitan Ave, this locally owned restaurant opened only last month in the Metropolitan. Each authentic pizza is hand-made daily with fresh dough and ingredients. The restaurant offers classic and specialty pizzas, as well as other traditional Italian dishes.

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2. Pure Pizza – This local pizza spot originally opened in Uptown’s 7th Street Public Market. Their second location, at 1911 Central Avenue, opened up this past July in the Plaza Midwood area. Pure Pizza’s concept revolves around local, farm fresh ingredients.

3. Benny Pennello’s – Although this may be a chain, it sure doesn’t feel like it. Located in NoDa at 2909 N. Davidson St., this spot is neighbors to Heist Brewery, and is the locations first in North Carolina. You can choose between ordering pizza-by-the-slice or the entire 28-inch pie. And don’t worry about going home hungry, each 14-inch slice is guaranteed to be larger than your head.

Do any of Charlottes’s newest pizza joints make the cut for you? Tell Team Restaurant Traffic which local pizza spot has your vote.

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  1. I prefer Libretto’s over any of the pizza joints mentioned here.

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