5 Fearless 2013 Predictions for Charlotte

5 Fearless 2013 Predictions for Charlotte

The Carolina Panthers will make the playoffs in 2013.  Injuries and bad luck doomed them in 2012.  The NFC South is a tough division but the Panthers should make it to 10 wins and get in.  Panthers QB Cam Newton will continue his outstanding play and be over the sophomore slump and make his 2nd Pro Bowl.

Burger Restaurants will continue to open in Charlotte.  NomNom, BurgerFi, Burger 21 and Flip Burger are all about to open or are currently looking for space.  The All American Sandwich will never go out of style.

The Bobcats will not make the playoffs and will be in the NBA lottery again which is not a bad thing.  Maybe they will get lucky and get another potential All NBA player.  Owner Michael Jordan will build an exciting competitive team but it will take time.  2015 we should make the playoffs as the Charlotte Hornets.

Mexican cuisine will continue to be hot.  Maverick Rock Taco and El Camino opened across the street from one another so they must know something.  Chuy’s will also open in 2013 in Southpark.  Freebird’s, Tijuana Flat’s and Don Pablo’s are all sniffing around Charlotte so look for at least one or two of them to land here.

Mayor Anthony Fox will get his streetcar.

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  1. Good predictions.

  2. What a waste of money that streetcar project is. The first phase only goes about a mile from Uptown to Presby. Nobody will ever pay to ride it.

  3. They said the light rail was a waste and it turned out pretty well.

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