5 Other Things To Do During Charlotte Restaurant Week

5 Other Things To Do During Charlotte Restaurant Week

This story is from our good friend Alston Robertson with KAR Group.  KAR Group is a small marketing and public relations firm with a focus on the restaurant industry.  We asked her to come up with some fun stuff to do during Restaurant Week that did not involve actually participating in the 3 or 4 course meals.  Here are some good ideas.  Take it away Alston.

Alston roostersSo, it’s that time of year again…when people all over Charlotte get excited to celebrate the Queen’s Feast.  Held twice per year, restaurants throughout the city participate in a three course for $30 “celebration” of all things food and drink from January 18 thru January 26.  What if that’s not your cup of tea though?

alston jim noble

Hit up one of Jim Noble’s (that is him above) restaurants.  Historically crowded and historically delicious, both Rooster’s Wood Fired Kitchen (Southpark and Uptown) and The King’s Kitchen (Uptown) serve their regular menu during restaurant week.  Might just be an opportunity to get a prime reservation and try something new, like the Chalkboard Menu at Rooster’s in Uptown or a Rooster’s favorite like salmon, their awesome burger or a side like fresh succotash.

alston yama sushi

Sushi.  The city has all sorts of great Sushi hot spots but how do you know you’re getting only the best?  Yama Asian Fusion in  Morrison Place  (by EarthFare) always serves great Sushi and typically showcases a menu during Restaurant Week that’s even a better deal than 3 courses for $30.  Also, AZN Azian Cuizine in Piedmont Town Center is featuring 3 courses for $30 that includes several traditional dishes across the courses – including Sushi and their amazing Korean style Beef Short Ribs.  AZN brings in only top grade fish as well as premium meats, and you can taste the difference.  Good bang for your buck here.

Alston park lanes

Do something different.  How about bowling?  Ten Park Lanes is the newly redesigned bowling alley on Montford.  You can not only get in a couple of games but can watch your favorite sports on TV.  The food is really good too.  Fried Pickles are a favorite for a lot of people but have you ever tried them with Fried Jalapenos?  Ten Park Lanes hand-breads them.  They even have fresh salads and an impressive beer and wine list.  Not your typical bowling alley.

alston american roadside

Go for a burger and a beer.  For a high-end burger, hit up Rooster’s or George’s Brasserie (although you might have to eat at the bar at George’s since it is Restaurant Week and the dining room will be packed)  The Liberty has been getting rave reviews for their burgers; they participate in Restaurant Week but a burger in their bar might just hit the spot.  Want something quick and kid friendly?  American Roadside Burgers in Southpark uses Sterling Silver premium beef on toasted Martin’s buns, plus there is an amazing amount of parking right by the building.  Avoid Southpark parking decks.

alston portofinos

You can never go wrong with Italian.  The city’s best Italian can easily be Portofino’s.  With four locations in Charlotte (Park Road, Arboretum, Eastway and Ayrsley), Portofino’s has been serving up authentic Italian dishes for years.  From gourmet dishes like Osso Bucco or Veal Marsala to favorites like Lasagna and Fettuccine Alfredo, you won’t go wrong here.  In a word – amazing.

Whether Restaurant Week is your style or you avoid it at all costs, this week is a week for celebration in Charlotte.  Cheers to great food!

By Dave
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  1. Maybe a short disclaimer that this is an ad? KAR group represents Roosters, Portofinos (far from the best Italian in the city), Kings Kitchen, AZN Azian Cuzine, and American Roadside. I found that in about 30 seconds of googling. I’m sure the rest of the places are clients as well. I really like this website and it’s insight into the Charlotte food scene, but you guys just fell a few notches with this one…

    • Ryan

      Disappointed- this is a blog and we write about things we like. Two of us are in commercial real estate and we specialize in restaurants so we have clients that we write about. Are we biased towards them? Sure we are, ultimately they put food on the table for us. But most of the stories we do are about restaurants that we have nothing to do with professionally, we just like them and try to help out where we can. As you might guess it is tough to put out 300+ stories a year so when someone else related to the restaurant business wants to help out we let them. Thanks for reading Restaurant Traffic.

      • Thanks for not deleting my comment and I appreciate the reply. I can certainly understand where you are coming from and appreciate all the time and effort you put into this site. It’s still hands down the best place to go in regards to the food scene around Charlotte.

        • Ryan

          The only time we ever delete comments are when they use inappropriate language. When the whole Moosehead controversy happened with the soldier in the wheelchair being kicked out we deleted 30-40 comments from all across the country. The language went way beyond being vile.

    • Hi, Disappointed. Hopefully you are not too disappointed, being that a lot of my cuisine suggestions are really very good! I am very lucky to represent some of the best restaurants in Charlotte and also gave some dining suggestions for restaurants outside the KAR Group family. Charlotte Restaurant Traffic continues to offer great insight into the food scene in Charlotte and I’m honored that they let me contribute. Thanks to all of Restaurant Traffic’s readers!

  2. I really like what Jimmy Nobles does in this town. He would probably be my top restauranteur in Charlotte. King’s Kitchen is a noble effort.

  3. I think Portofino’s is solid but for the total package it is tough to beat Vivace at the Met. Beautiful restaurant.

  4. I like restaurant week because I know I can get into some of the best places in town that do not participate in RW without a reservation.

    • Amen! We got tired of mediocre food and service combined with large crowds during CRW, so we’re heading to Halcyon and Barrington’s.

  5. Vapiano is great in Uptown for Italian and it is inexpensive to boot.

  6. You guys do a great job with this blog so write about whatever you want to. I look at this to find out who is going where in the restaurant world. If some of those guys are your clients, who cares. You guys beat the Observer to the punch all the time.

  7. Zio is the best Italian joint in town.

  8. I know it is a big chain but I really like Maggiano’s in the Southpark Mall. It is always good and I think it is way better than its neighbor Cheesecake Factory.

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