Babalu to Continue Mexican Trend on East Blvd

Babalu to Continue Mexican Trend on East Blvd

Babalu Interior

The Mexican fare trend is going to continue on East Blvd.  Babalu Taco’s & Tapas will fill the former Cantina 1511 space.  In the past 18 months East Blvd. has seen Longboard’s, Cantina and Tijuana Flat’s all shutter their businesses only to be replaced by more Mexican eateries.  I guess the Dilworth crowd can’t get enough taco’s?   Babalu was founded in Jackson, Mississippi and this will be their 4th location.  They plan to open early in 2016.  We hope they plan to address the horrid (lack of) parking situation.

Bablalu Tacos

You can find me working the PR angle for restaurants around town and keeping the RT readers informed about the latest happenings.


  1. BaBali looks like a winner

  2. So what’s opening where Tijuana Flats was? Lots of working happening there, but no signs yet.

    • Dave

      Restaurant Traffic would like to clarify that Cantina 1511 did not close due to lack of business but merely relocated to a location in the Park Road Shopping Center. A spokesman for Cantina 1511 told us that their lease on East Blvd had expired and they moved to improve their market position and to have a newer facility with plenty of parking. We apologize for any confusion in mentioning them with the other closed restaurants on East Blvd. We love Cantina 1511 and think their new location is outstanding.

      • Common Dave, shouldn’t you refrain from professing your “love” of any restaurant??? Considering I now have to get into a vehicle to get there…their new location sucks as far as I’m concerned, but I understand that their parking situation was even worse. Big question is how will Balbu or whatever its called deal with it? They are at the same level as Cantina in terms of pricing so will face the same problems…will be interesting…have to say with Bakersfield there, if I want’s cheap and very good, gonna be hard to compete.

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