Bakersfield on East Blvd.

Bakersfield on East Blvd.

chips and queso

Earlier this week I spent my lunch break checking out one of the newest additions to East Blvd., Bakersfield.  I have heard great things and the restaurant looks so inviting when you drive by so I was eager to experience it for myself.  I loved the ambiance that the modern yet vintage western décor provides.  The funky light fixtures mixed with the antique wooden features make for a unique dining experience. Brian Riggenbach who is one of the owners of Bakersfield told Restaurant Traffic that, “At its heart Bakersfield is a Honky Tonk.”  All around the exterior of the building are roll up garage doors which open up the restaurant and allow for a great view of East Blvd. The restaurant has an easy valet option at night so you don’t have to worry about searching for a spot to park.


I tried the Willie salad which is comprised of roasted chicken, bacon, black beans, tomatoes, corn, fresnos, queso fresco and tossed in a buttermilk dressing.  This was delicious and I would definitely order this salad again.  We also got a few tacos to share family style.  My favorite was the Short Rib taco – braised short rib, queso fresco, crema, white onion, radish and topped with cilantro.  It was a great choice and I would definitely suggest trying it.  Since I went for lunch I didn’t get the chance to sample any drinks but I have heard people rave about their margaritas.  Bakersfield squeezes all of their own juices right before making drinks so they come out as fresh as can be.  That’s a reason in itself that is making me want to go back again post work hours!


Have you had the chance to check out Bakersfield?  If so comment below with details from your experience.  Also, don’t forget to #restauranttraffic so we can keep up with you food & bev adventures in the Queen City.

Liz Wohlrab
Finding and sharing hidden gems from Charlotte's lively bar and restaurant scene.

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  1. Awesome review Liz! Love the pictures! What restaurant have you had the best tacos? Remember to add it to your Besty List!

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