Barreled at the Lift Speakeasy Opens in Myers Park

Barreled at the Lift Speakeasy Opens in Myers Park

Myers Park is going to get a Speakeasy.  Barreled at the Lift, located at Parktowne Village, will have their official Grand Opening January 19th.  They are open now Tuesday thru Sunday and have nightly drink specials.  Barreled owner Austin Rogers wants everyone to come by and and enjoy their comfy lounge settings and hookahs.  You have to show up to find out what Giggle Water is too.

By Dave
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  1. I am excited for these guys to open. It will be a stark difference from the madness that goes on over on Montford Drive.

  2. Is this where the old Duckworth’s was?

    • Ryan

      No it is where Thurston’s was located right next to the elevator or “lift”

  3. The place is really small if I remember it when it was Blondie’s.

  4. I was there last night and it is a fun place. Good date night location.

  5. Awesome place! Went here last Saturday and really enjoyed the atmosphere. I’ll definitely be back!

  6. Awesome! Definitely will make it a preference… Great atmosphere for everyone, different.
    I was worried about the hookahs bring too much but can’t small a thing! Love it…

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