Block & Grinder Makes a Statement on VIP Night

Block & Grinder Makes a Statement on VIP Night

Owner Jed Kampe and his crew raised the stakes for Queen City Restaurants at their official VIP Grand Opening Party.  A star is born with his latest creation Block & Grinder.  Kampe is going where no one else is going in Charlotte.  The concept is unique in its simplicity.  Block & Grinders stated goal is to go back to basics to deliver a menu that celebrates and appreciates only the freshest ingredients.  They deliver by keeping the focus on the food with farm to table ingredients like premium beef, organic meats and wild game.

Block and Grinder is also a fully functioning Butcher Shop.  Every meat selection at the counter is hand cut on site.  The steak burgers are ground fresh daily.  We tried one last night and it was unlike any other burger you can get in Charlotte.  It was in a different class than you find in the many burger bars we have popping up all over the city.  Corned Beef and Pastrami is brined, smoked, steamed and cut in house.

block & grind kitchen

Executive Chef Kent Graham has not released his full menu yet.  He has promised to encourage guests to eat outside their typical box by featuring seasonal menu items and wild game.  Graham who is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America has cooked in some of the finest restaurants across the United States including Atlanta, New York and California.

Block & Grind oysters

Block & Grinder has a comfortable feel to it.  It will be a “foodie” favorite.  It also has a fully stocked bar and an extensive wine list.  The official Grand Opening is this Monday, March 18th.  Go there early because their will definitely be a buzz about the place and you want to be in the know about the hot new restaurants.

block & grind crowd

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  1. This is probably one of the best new restaurants in Charlotte for 2013 (and its March folks).
    I’ll be there Monday for lunch (grand opening day) and I am positive this will be one of my favorites.

    • Ryan

      FYI – Block and Grinder opens to the public this Monday at 11:30.

  2. I can’t think of anything coming down the pipe that will rival this place. Best New Charlotte Restaurant for 2013. You will need to eat there early so you will be able to talk down to your friends about it.

    • LOL!

  3. I have a friend who is like that. Goes to whatever restaurant just opened on the first or second night and then drones on endlessly about the place knowing none of us can add anything to it since we have not been. He does the same thing about new movies. annoying.

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