Bob Peters to head up the Ritz’s new Punch Room

Bob Peters to head up the Ritz’s new Punch Room

After leading the bar program at Pisces Sushi, Bob Peters is leaving this month to revamp the 15th-floor bar at the Ritz-Carlton Charlotte. The new craft cocktail bar, named the Punch Room, will be luxurious and harken back to the comfortable upscale lounges of decades past while still having a firm hold in a modern aesthetic and flavor. The name alone is intriguing and will allow Peters to explore infinite cocktail combinations as “punch” is derived from a sanskrit word meaning five, alluding to the fact that traditional punches were made with five ingredients: alcohol, sugar, a souring agent, water (or ice) and spices or teas. But leaving Pisces is bittersweet.

Bob Peters

Bob Peters shows off one of his unique cocktail creations. (Courtesy Bob Peters)

“I can’t say enough about Pisces Sushi Bar and Lounge and the two owners: Bryan Li and Jason Cheung,” Peters said. “They are such amazing people and have accomplished so much professionally as well as done so very much for me and my family. I love Bryan and Jason like brothers, in fact Pisces is more like a family to me than a place of business. They have one of the closest, kindest and funniest staffs that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Despite that, when a friend of Peters’ who works at The Ritz-Carlton came to Pisces to enjoy a drink one night, he mentioned that they were opening a new bar and were interested in Peters. The bearded barman jumped at the opportunity.

“Working for such a prestigious company as The Ritz-Carlton is truly a dream come true,” Peters said. The successful mixologist plans on growing all his own herbs, planting some fruit bushes and using the Cloister honey on the green roof on top of the Ritz to bolster his ingredient list.

He isn’t giving us all his plans just yet, but is very excited at the opportunity to open one of the most anticipated new cocktail programs in Charlotte. Spring promises to reveal some new tidbits about the new bar, but until then, RT will be enjoying the hints Peters is giving on his Instagram.

If any Restaurant Traffic readers have information on the new watering hole, leave us a tip below.


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