BonChon Chicken to Open in Myers Park

BonChon Chicken to Open in Myers Park

BonChon Store

BonChon Chicken has announced it will open its first Charlotte location in Parke Towne Village in Myers Park.  Bonchon Chicken is a concept out of South Korea.  Bonchon means “my hometown” in Korean.  Bonchon focuses on fried chicken that is not greasy like Americans are used to.  Korean-style fried chicken is radically different, reflecting an Asian frying technique that renders out the fat in the skin, transforming it into a thin, crackly and almost transparent crust.  The chicken is unseasoned, barely dredged in very fine flour and then dipped into a thin batter before going into the fryer. The oil temperature is a relatively low 350 degrees, and the chicken is cooked in two separate stages.  After 10 minutes, the chicken is removed from the oil, shaken vigorously in a wire strainer and allowed to cool for two minutes. This slows the cooking process, preventing the crust from getting too brown before the meat cooks through. It also shaves off all those crusty nubs and crags that American cooks strive for.

BonChon Wings

After 10 more minutes in the fryer, the chicken is smooth, compact, golden-brown, and done. Then, it’s served plain (with a small dish of salt and pepper for seasoning) or lightly painted with sauce. When it’s done correctly, the sauce is absorbed into the crust, adding savor without making it soggy.  Koreans usually eat their chicken with beer similar to how Americans eat their chicken wings.  They rarely eat their fried chicken as a meal.   BonChon Chicken will be going into the bottom floor at Parke Towne which has been a traditionally challenging location.  There have been several Asian inspired restaurants before them.  We hope with all the restaurant activity across the street at The Park Road Shopping Center this revolving door of restaurants at the center will finally stop.  We wish BonChon Chicken all the best and can’t wait to try their menu.

bon chon chiken wings

You can find me working the PR angle for restaurants around town and keeping the RT readers informed about the latest happenings.


  1. Michelle Conner, Korean restaurant closed to the office

  2. When?

  3. Absolutely not Myers park. MADISON PARK

  4. David Joo 🙂

  5. It is like someone was eavesdropping on our dinner conversation last night!

  6. I would say Myers Park. Madison Park is across Park Road.

  7. When is open?
    I am so excited to open this place.

  8. Yes!!! Finally Korean wings!!!! Dem is bomb!!! Happy dance all the way to grand opening and back.. Can’t wait

    • Seoul food meat factory in south end has very good Bonchon style wings.

  9. But of course I’m really looking forward to Bonchon especially since it’s much closer to me.

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