Boone’s Bar-B-Que Kitchen Rolls Over The Competition

Boone’s Bar-B-Que Kitchen Rolls Over The Competition


Who knew the best barbecue in Charlotte comes from a food truck?

A couple weeks back one of my Restaurant Traffic counterparts, Adam Williams, posted a picture on our Instagram and Twitter feed of Dan “Boone” Gibson’s new food truck getting ready to hit the Charlotte streets. If you’ve eaten barbecue in the Queen City, I’d be willing to bet a dollar to a donut you’ve eaten one of Boone’s family recipes. His culinary skills helped inspire the menus at popular eateries like Mac’s Speed Shop and Queen City Q.

While I’m no stranger to the quality of Boone’s barbecue, I was curious to find out how it would taste served from a food truck. Last week when I was surfing the social media channels, I saw on Twitter that Boone’s Bar-B-Que Kitchen would be near my office and I made my way out in the rain to see what the Queen City’s resident pitmaster was smoking up in his truck.

We take BBQ seriously here at RT. Williams cut his teeth as a restaurant owner with a barbecue centric menu at Ten Park Lanes and I make it a priority to sample different interpretations of our state dish from the Blue Ridge on out to Brunswick County. Anybody can serve smoked pig but it takes a pro to smoke a hog like Boone.


I ordered the hand pulled NC pork shoulder with a side of Aunt Faith’s Chow Chow and a side of “Sis” Gibson’s Baked Beans made with Neese’s Hot Country Sausage. When the gals in the window handed over my to-go container, I raised my eyebrows feeling the weight of the box. I could tell I had my work cut out for me before even opening it up.

The last clutches of winter wind and a steady drizzle made eating outside unappealing so I opted to dig in from the driver’s seat of my car. With the box situated on my lap, I opened up the lid and the smell of fresh, hot pork permeated the interior of my car. Since I didn’t see a wood heap outside the food truck, I’m not sure how Boone got that hickory and smoke flavor into the pig with this mobile operation but it tasted as authentic as it comes here in NC. There were big hunks of pork shoulder and shredded wisps along with a couple choice nuggets of “bark.” It was moist and juicy and steaming hot just the way you expect from a true pitmaster.

I remember a story Adam relayed me when he was getting ready to finish rebranding and overhauling Park Lanes. Williams and Boone had discussed the best practices for preparation of the pig and Boone explained he didn’t like to mess too much with rubs or seasoning before smoking hogs. “You gotta let the meat shine,” Boone said, sharing his barbecue maxim.

In regards to my sides, all the peppers in Aunt Faith’s Chow Chow should not be taken lightly. It was fiery and the cabbage was crisp with a great, tart crunch from the vinegar. I could tell the baked beans and bits of Neese’s sausage had been simmered long and slow so they get this texture that reminds you of a hearty stew. For ten dollars, I was left stuffed and satiated and in need of a walk.


There is more to the menu than just smoked pig. Boone’s also serves ribs, wings, brisket, smoked sausage (sandwiches or platters) with a slew of traditional Southern sides like chow chow, mac and cheese, collards, fries, and potato salad.

Since this is a mobile operation, it appears Twitter is the best means to stay informed about the truck’s location around town.

Follow them at: @BoonesBarBQue

If you’re planning on throwing a party and want to impress your guests without spending all your time cooking the grub, Boone’s Bar-B-Que Kitchen On Wheels also caters.

Maybe I can convince them to come park outside my neighborhood pool this summer so I can bask in the sun like a lion with a belly full of pork shoulder and chow chow.

By Mick
Dishing out observations on old favorites and new additions to my beloved Queen City's restaurant scene.


  1. We happened upon Boone’s in the parking lot of our office complex. There is a long line for a reason. My GOD! I’ve known about them for about 3 weeks now, and have eaten there 3 times, even trekking to South End for Food Truck Friday. I’ve had a brisket sandwich, Apricot Chipotle Wings, Smoked Sausage and ribs. I’ve also tried the baked beans and chow chow. My GOD! If there’s better around town, or anywhere within an hours drive of Charlotte, I haven’t found it. Lord knows I’ve been searching for awhile.

    The brisket is smoky with delicious fat around the edges. The wings are chargrilled and the Apricot Chipotle sauce is just spicy enough. The ribs are to die for. Fall off the bone perfection. The smoked sausage sandwich is nummers, and comes topped with mustard BBQ sauce and chow chow. Co-workers have tried pretty much everything else on the menu and have raved about those options as much as I raved above. People who swear they hate collard greens are crazy about the greens from Boone’s. I haven’t If you find them, get there early. They’ve sold out all 3 times I’ve dined with them. If you’re near the Farmer’s Market on Yorkmont Rd, they park in 3 different parking lots on Yorkmont Rd Tuesday – Thursday and are at FTF the 3rd Friday of every month. Do yourself a favor and search them out.

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