Bradshaw Social House Opens Friday, June 21st

Bradshaw Social House Opens Friday, June 21st

The Bradshaw Social House is putting the finishing touches on their restaurant in the Robinson Farm development between the Stonecrest and Blakeney shopping centers. We recently received an email from Justin at J3B Enterprises, Inc. regarding a post we made a couple weeks back. Justin is a member of the family opening Bradshaw Social House and he gave us the down low on their operation. I do believe I’m cautiously optimistic.

Outside the 485 Beltway, there’s really few options for a solid pub in the area between Rea Road and Providence Road. Bradshaw Social House seems eager to fill this niche. They are going for a casual concept offering American fare with a focus on premium comfort foods that includes jumbo wings with house recipes, sauces, and dressings, custom burgers and specialty sandwiches, and unique dinner salads served in a comfortable, relaxed setting. They plan to source their beef from local or self-sustaining farms when available, and partner with a local bakery for breads. The menu will include seasonal offerings depending on what’s fresh within the Piedmont that time of year.

That all sounds good and dandy but now down to business. Behind the bar there will be 17 taps featuring local favorites like Birdsong, OMB, & NoDa but also include up and coming brands from outside the Carolinas like Crazy Mountain Brewery in Colorado. Purists will be satisfied with Newcastle and Guinness on draft. Live music from local acts will be scheduled on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I saw a Twitter picture of the interior during one of their practice runs and there are TVs abounding for sports fans. The interior looks like a laid back, well-lit bar surrounded in floor to ceiling windows. Sports, live music, cold beer, and pub food with a little something extra sounds like a winning recipe. If they can ace the delivery and service without charging $15-$20 for an entree, they should have a winner in this part of South Charlotte. Especially if they can cater to families for lunch and dinner and then transition to an adults-only crowd in the later evening.

There is most likely going to be a wait come the kickoff of their Grand Opening Month on June 21st. We hope BSH puts a temporary bar on the patio to accommodate the overflow and get folks liquored up before they get a table.

Restaurant Traffic wishes them luck with the soft openings before they open the doors to the public tomorrow. I’m hoping to get in there this weekend and report back with a feature for the RT Faithful.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The BSH pulled a fast one on us and opened today!

Bradshaw Social House on FaceNSABook


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  1. Atherton Mill is in Southend, don’t you mean Robinson Farm?

    • Ryan

      Thank you, sir. Not enough coffee during the proofing process. Wait, we proof posts?

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