The Brass Tap Announces First Charlotte Location in Southend

The Brass Tap Announces First Charlotte Location in Southend

The Brass Tap Exterior

The Brass Tap has announced to Restaurant Traffic that they will open their first location in the former Dharma Lounge location in Southend.   Brass Tap is based out of Florida and the Charlotte franchisees are Dave Hurt and Jaimal Patel.  Hurt and Patel told us they will completely renovate the Dharma space adding a kitchen and revamping the bar and patio areas.  They will have 70 taps and 150 different bottle beers.  The Brass Tap will have live music on select nights as well as trivia nights and game nights.  The Southend location will be more than just about  beer, they will also feature a full food menu, a variety of fine wines and craft cocktails.  This is going to be one fun place!

The Brass Tap Bar

The Brew Crew Club is a loyalty club that rewards members based on how many different brews they drink.  Members earn prizes and cash reward cards for hitting different levels.  Drink 300 different beers and you are named a “Beer Guru” and you win a $200 gift card.  The Brass Tap will feature mostly local and regional beers.  Owners Hurt and Patel tell RT that they hope to be open in the Spring and there will be more restaurants in the future as they have inked a deal to bring 12 Brass Taps to the Carolinas.

The Brass Tap Taps


By Dave
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  1. I can hardly wait, I have been to several Brass Taps in Florida and they are a lot of fun.

    • Thank you Perry — looking forward to seeing you there!

  2. Looks a lot like the World of Beer.

    • Hi Deerman,

      The largest differentiators are our full food menu, as well as our list of fine wines and craft cocktails!

      Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions,

      Dave Hurt

  3. No the World of Beer does not have a kitchen so this is not exactly like them. Southend is a great area for this concept, who is their competition?

  4. I couldn’t be less excited for this. It looks like a Duckworth’s clone. These places with a huge amount of taps rarely have fresh beer, and the food is usually pretty crap. I’ll give it a miss. Also, what’s with the Florida influx into Southend? The brewery opening pretty much next door to this, Wooden Robot, is some Florida guys, too. Same group maybe?

    • Hi Mark,

      We are actually both native North Carolinians! One from eastern North Carolina, and the other born and raised in Charlotte. After experiencing The Brass Tap down in FL, we both decided that it was an experience we wanted to bring to Charlotte, where we both live and work. While we aren’t the same group as Wooden Robot, we have met them and they are great guys with a true passion for beer! What sold both of us on The Brass Tap was the fact that we get to choose our beer list, and we fully intend on offering as many LOCAL brews as possible, to support the growing number of local breweries in Charlotte and NC/SC in general.

      We hope that you will give us a shot once we open our doors — we would love to have you! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions whatsoever!

      Dave Hurt

      • Hey Dave,
        Very excited for you guys to open! I work at Beasley Broadcasting ( Formerly CBS Radio) and would love to have you guys come do some food drops (bring in lunch or dinner for our on air talent) sometime. We have 7 stations and are located right across the street from you guys above the Carrabba’s on South Blvd. Email me at


  5. Welcome to Charlotte

    • Thank you! Hope to see you when we open our doors!

  6. How stupid. Support LOCAL businesses.

  7. What do you have against Florida? These guys will be living here in Charlotte. Does not matter where you are from only where you are at.

    • I don’t have anything against Florida as a state. That would be absurd. What I have a problem with is having a beer in a Florida franchise when there are other mom and pop LOCAL locations within a stone’s throw.

  8. Great beer selection and a pretty much all female staff, you have my business.

  9. Why don’t any of the bars hire hot male bartenders?

  10. Lea

    Never been to a Brass Tap, but this reminds me of Flying Saucer. Can anyone attest to that?

    • Hi Leah,

      Thanks for the question! While we offer an extensive beer selection and full food menu, as The Flying Saucer does, we will also place a large emphasis on our extensive wine list and signature craft cocktails.

      We hope to see you there!
      Dave Hurt

      • Apologies! Lea*

  11. We don’t have many traditional format bar/restaurants in that particular area so I’ll welcome this, but the food menus of the FL locations sound mind-numbingly generic. Camden/Summit is begging for an interesting concept bar/restaurant and this feels very very suburban strip mall.

  12. Dave

    The Brass Tap will be a welcome addition to Southend. The owners are from North Carolina so I don’t understand the anti-local rhetoric. Give them a chance. Stay tuned to Restaurant Traffic for updates on when they will open.

  13. I work next door at escape salon and am excited to see a fun establishment opening in south end, good luck I’m sure it will be a great place and can’t wait to go.

    • Dave

      Michelle- Don’t forget that the Wooden Robot is also opening up next door to you. I saw the plans for their tap room and brewery and it will be a great place to go and drink a beer. Your are going to be able to see the whole brewery from the tap room.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Thanks – we hope to see you there!

  14. Hi Dave and Jaimal,

    I am a business owner here in Charlotte NC. We are a mobile billboard company. We drive pass your new location in the Southend of Charlotte often. We would love to let everyone in Charlotte and surrounding areas about your new business with our Big Mouth Mobile Billboard Banners. Let Main Street Mobile Billboards ” Put your business on Main Street”. Welcome to Charlotte and congratulations on your new business.

    Thanks again,
    Main Street Mobile Billboards.

  15. Jaimal I can’t wait to visit. Plan on it soon. Judy

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