BrewPublik Now Delivers Beer to Tailgates

BrewPublik Now Delivers Beer to Tailgates

Is anything worse than being at a tailgate and suddenly running out of beer? I’m sure there is, but at the time it certainly doesn’t feel like it. BrewPublik, a Charlotte beer delivery company, will deliver beer straight to your tailgate. Even better? They will also deliver Price’s Chicken Coop along with it.


Tailgating packages range from $12 to $50. The most basic, “No Huddle Package”, includes six cans of ice cold beer (craft or domestic) delivered in a cooler within 30 minutes.

However, BrewPublik is not just another beer delivery service, it is also a craft-beer educator. Instead of hand-picking your own beer, all beer is chosen with the help of their “beergorithm”, which is based from your individual profile created. The website compares the “beergorithm” to Pandora, stating, “It selects beers you’ve never tried, but you’re definitely going to like. It’s like Pandora, but for craft beer”.

BrewPublik boasts that it has access to almost any beer including anything distributed in North Carolina. Meaning they have access to over 900 beers for you to try. Currently they deliver to residential houses, office buildings and now tailgates as well.

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How does it work?

First, become a member by making your ‘taste profile’ on their website and filling out a series of questions about your beer preferences. Next, choose what package size you would like to subscribe to. There are no monthly contracts involved so you can simply log on and order whenever you want more.

BrewPublik is only available in Charlotte for the moment, however they are looking to expand to other major cities in the nearby future. They will deliver anywhere within 30 minutes of center-city, including Mooresville, Gastonia, Fort Mill and Concord.

For more information visit them at

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