Burger King Introducing Hot Dogs

Burger King Introducing Hot Dogs

Burger King Hot Dog III

Burger King is going to the dogs. Thankfully, they are flame-grilled hot dogs, a classic American staple that the company developed and tested over the last year and a half.  The hot dogs will appear in more than 7,000 units around the country starting February 23.  Burger King thinks this is the most important thing the 62-year-old company has done since introducing chicken to the menu in the 1970s.  There will initially be two dogs introduced: the Classic and the Chili Cheese. Both will be served on a fresh bun in the classic hot dog sleeve consumers know.  Burger King stresses that the Grilled Dogs will be a core item and not a value menu item. In addition, they will be made of 100 percent beef of very high quality. The dogs will be $1.99 for the Classic build and $2.29 for the Chili Cheese. Customers will be able to customize their dogs like burgers.

Burger King Hot Dogs

Burger King will be blitzing consumers with ads via TV, digital, social media, and other media avenues to get the word out about the Grilled Dogs.  Burger King says they will be the only widely distributed hot dogs in the country that are flame grilled.  The Whopper is America’s favorite burger, and we want this to be America’s favorite hot dog says Burger King.

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