Charlotte Restaurant Week Secrets

Charlotte Restaurant Week Secrets

Restaurant Week is fast approaching (January 18-27) and some of the places fill up really fast.  Our advice is to make Del Frisco’s one of your stops.  Not only is the place beautiful the service and food is unmatched by other area Steakhouses.  The problem is Del Frisco’s fills up fast so getting Restaurant Week reservations go to the people who book early.  So don’t wait, call now and go have fun at Charlotte’s premier Steakhouse.



You can find me working the PR angle for restaurants around town and keeping the RT readers informed about the latest happenings.


  1. How is this a “restaurant week secret”? It’s an ad for Del Frisco’s, nothing more. At least be honest with your readers. Between this and all the “breastaurant” posts, the quality of this blog is iffy at best.

    • Ryan

      We like Del Frisco’s and it is usually the first restaurant to fill up, ask the people that organize restaurant week. We merely did not want any of our readers to be dissapointed by not being able to eat at Del’s during the 10 day event by waiting too long to make reservations. Breastaurants are here to stay so we will cover them, it is a rough job but somebody has to do it.

  2. Cat- What do you have against Breastaurants? They are not hurting anyone.

  3. Yeah if you don’t like Brestaurants, simply don’t go into them.

  4. Just like strip clubs, if you don’t like them don’t patronize them.

  5. I love this blog and do not think the “quality” is going down. It is a blog and bloggers don’t take themselves too seriously. Cat needs to lighten up.

    • Ryan

      Thank you Charlie.

  6. I would agree and put Del Frisco’s Number 1 with Capital Grille at number 2.

  7. I would put Ruth’s Chris as the top Steakhouse.

  8. I would put the old Charlotte standout Beef and Bottle as the top local Steakhouse, it is not fancy but old school.

    • Ryan

      Beef and Bottle is one of the finest in the Queen City. Our own Adam Williams visits every year on his birthday since he was a wee laddie. It deserves its due and proper again from your Restaurant Traffic crew. This time we’ll bring some SLRs.

  9. I wouldn’t say the quality of the blog is going down, but tthe title for this article led one to believe it would be about something else. As far as this being an ad for Del Frisco, one could argue that most of the blog is advertising for new restaurants the same way Diners, Drive Ins and Dives is essentailly advertising for the business.

    Del Frisco’s is not bad, but I don’t see why people like it so much. I don’t like the steaks at Capital Grill at all. For one things, they put this sauce on it. Who the hell pays 50 bucks for a steak and then asks it to be drenched in steak sauce? The menu makes no mention of a sauce.

    Ruth Chris is the only high end steak house I have been to that I have liked.

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