Checking in With Natty Greene’s

Checking in With Natty Greene’s

Natty Greene's Bottles

I stopped by Natty Greene’s in Greensboro during the ACC basketball semifinals a few weeks ago and talked with owner Kane Fisher about changes to the brewery.  The first noticeable change was they have finally put their name on their brewery building which sits directly across from where the basketball games were being played.  They also have added a tap room they call “The Bunker” to their space.  Natty Greene’s is North Carolina’s 2nd largest brewery, only trailing Highland Brewing Company, and the nations 30th fastest growing craft brewery.

Natty Greene's Kane

That is me with Kane above, boy the camera sure adds 10 pounds.  Kane was also excited about the changes to the Natty’s logo and beer labels.  They are going away from using the picture of Revolutionary War Hero Nathaniel Greene and going to a more sleeker image for their packaging.  Kane said as they enter new markets outside the North Carolina state lines it was confusing to new consumers.  They wondered why there was a picture of George Washington on their beer labels?  Instead of constantly explaining the picture it was just easier to update the logo.  Kane said Natty’s is excited about the future and mentioned they are in talks to open a larger automated brewery so they can keep up with demand.

Natty Greene's Buckshot

Natty Greene's Southern Pale Ale

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