Chicken Salad Chick Opens Today in Carmel Commons

Chicken Salad Chick Opens Today in Carmel Commons

Chicken Salad Chick Subs

The Chicken Salad Chick opens their first Charlotte location today in the Carmel Commons Shopping Center.  CSC is a full service deli but their specialty is Chicken Salad.  They serve 15 varieties of Chicken Salad ranging from traditional southern to hot and spicy and sweet and salty flavors.  CSC was founded in Auburn, Alabama (War Eagle) by Stacy Brown who at the time was a stay at home mother selling Chicken Salad she made in her kitchen at home to friends and neighbors.

Chicken Salad Chick Founder

The health department at Auburn shut her down since she was not making the product in a commercial kitchen that they inspected.  They have no sense of humor.  Stacy, undaunted, opened a small takeout restaurant that grew into a sit down restaurant and as they say…. the rest is history.  CSC now has 21 locations across the Southeast.  They already have Charlotte location #2 picked out which will be located in the former Frozen Isle site in the Overstreet Mall in Uptown.Chicken Salad Chick Soup

CSC was nice enough to invite Restaurant Traffic to the preview lunch last week and we can report the Chicken Salad was every bit as good as advertised.  They will make a great addition to the Charlotte dining scene.  We are just upset that we did not try the Pimento Cheese but will correct that error on our next trip.  Chicken Salad Chick Building

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  1. This place looks really good. Might give Newk’s a run for their money for best chicken salad in Charlotte.

  2. Ten clucks a pound for chicken salad is kind of steep, though.

  3. Lea

    Anyone been here and Mayobird on South Blvd.? How do the two compare?

  4. The Chicken Salad Chick’s food is more chainish than Mayobird. It should do well where it is located but I doubt it would work in any of the neighborhoods closer to center city.

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