Chuy’s Charlotte First Look

Chuy’s Charlotte First Look

Long awaited Chuy’s is opening tomorrow at 11 am.  They held their VIP night on Monday and Restaurant Traffic was lucky enough to get on the invite list.  Our thanks go out to Keely Simerville of Merrifield Patrick Vermillion who represented Chuy’s in finding their location.  Keeley got us into the party.   Chuy’s has a saying that if you’ve seen one Chuy’s you’ve seen one Chuy’s.  They are all different and the Charlotte location is unique.  You walk in the building and in the entrance on the ceiling are hundreds of cameras.

Chuys O cameras

Cameras everywhere!   Chuy’s is very bright and loud and as a parent with 2 small children I like loud.

Chuys O tortilla

The tortillas are made fresh on a grill that you walk by on the way in.

Chuys O hubcap

The Hub Cap room.

Chuys O dining roomDining room.  Notice the chairs.

Chuys O drink specials

Chuys O car

The happy hour Nacho Bar.  It is in the back of an actual car and it is free from 4-7 Monday thru Friday.  Chuy’s also has daily drink specials.

Chuys O bar

The bar was crowded.

Chuys O palm

The Palm Room.  Look for the keys.

Chuys O patio

Chuys O awning

When we left we noticed Cowfish was on a wait.  This will be one crowded area with two hot restaurants next door to each other.  Welcome to Charlotte Chuy’s.

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  1. ugh..another big chain invasion.

  2. Not really a “big” chain, and it is very good tex mex. Miles better than any of the local places. This isn’t like Brinker’s On The Border or something.

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