Chuy’s Website Announces Charlotte Southpark Mall Location

Chuy’s Website Announces Charlotte Southpark Mall Location

Chuy’s Mexican Grill is coming to Charlotte.  Restaurant Traffic reported this over a year ago.  Chuy’s website is reporting that it is going to go into the Zink American Kitchen space.  This will give Southpark Village a great 1-2 punch with Cowfish and Chuy’s.  Zink remains open so if you purchased any gift cards I would redeem them soon.

chuys interiorchuys chimichanga
Chuy's Mexican Food on Urbanspoon

You can find me working the PR angle for restaurants around town and keeping the RT readers informed about the latest happenings.


  1. Chuy’s will kill it in Southpark.

  2. Yeah, can hardly wait for Chuy’s to make it here. Paco’s Tacos will not like them opening 400 yards from there front door.

  3. So Zink is on its last leg?

  4. Chuy’s next to Cowfish will draw a lot of people. That patio is awesome. I am sure Chuy’s will use it more than Zink has.

  5. Zink sucked. Don’t know how they made it this long. Chuy’s is a great addition.

  6. Lived in Austin, TX for many years and ate at Chuy’s at least once each week. The best Tex-Mex I have ever had! Especially their swirled frozen margaritas. . . . Can’t wait

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