CLT’s Food Babe Brings Down The Internet On Subway

CLT’s Food Babe Brings Down The Internet On Subway


After the triumphant assault her army of digitized foot soldiers unleashed on Chick-A-Fil and Kraft Foods, Charlotte’s own Food Babe, Vani Hari, set her field guns on Subway. It didn’t take long to send the quick casual restaurant titans of cheap, mediocre sandwiches scrambling for cover. Subway confirmed last night they are phasing out a chemical in their bread that is a key component in shoe rubber and yoga mats.


We thought those $5 Eleveninchlongs tasted a touch chewy.

Apparently, and this seems criminal when you get down to it, Subway uses a chemical in their bread called azodicarbonamide that is used to make shoe rubber and yoga mats, and gets linked in studies to unpleasantries like asthma and respiratory issues. I guess human bodies don’t seem to enjoy intermingling with this substance as a source of nutrition. The real kicker is the company doesn’t even use this ingredient in the bread served at Subway restaurants in the UK, EU, and Australia. They reserve it especially for us in the good old U.S. of A.

Oh the irony of all those gym warriors heading to Subway for a light meal after their workout when they could have just eaten their exercise mat instead. If you would prefer not to eat the same ingredients as used to make yoga mats and shoes, check out the petition at

The internet is a powerful tool. Once information hits cyberspace, it holds the potential to circulate and crash around the globe like an ocean. Seeing it used as a weapon by consumer advocates interested in bringing the population healthier, less processed ingredients is inspiring. Vani Hari mustered 52K signatures in 24 hours and a hell storm of suspicious customers on Subway.

Who else is slipping unnecessary junk into the food supply and should be put on blast?

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