Cups Frozen Yogurt Looking to Charlotte

Cups Frozen Yogurt Looking to Charlotte

Cups Frozen Yogurt is scouting Charlotte for locations.  I know what you are thinking, do we really need another frozen yogurt concept here when there seems to be one in every strip mall or development.  Cups is different.  They have been described as the “Hooters” of frozen yogurt.  Just look at the logo on the cup above-notice the double entendre with the yogurt cups?   Yes Cups has an all female staff in form fitting shirts, finally a frozen yogurt store for Daddy!  Their motto is frozen yogurt-that’s hot.  Their menu board tells you that size matters so grab the right cup and don’t go topless add toppings so this is very different than Sweet Frog Yogurt.  The Frog stands for fully rely on God.  So Cups is going in another direction, which is OK.  If you don’t like what they are doing don’t go in the store but for me I am all about helping girls get through college so I will be in Cups.

Cups 1

cups 2

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  1. Yeah I will bring my daughter there….what a waste of space… Please don’t tell me they are going into longboards space.

  2. ^
    A. Longboards is still in business and doesn’t look like they are in trouble yet.
    B. Hopefully potential froyo franchises have learned to not F with Menchies on East Blvd directly, as the swift closing of the one next to Jersey Mikes illustrated.

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