Cups Frozen Yogurt Looking to Charlotte

Cups Frozen Yogurt Looking to Charlotte

Cups Frozen Yogurt is scouting Charlotte for locations.¬† I know what you are thinking, do we really need another frozen yogurt concept here when there seems to be one in every strip mall or development.¬† Cups is different.¬† They have been described as the “Hooters” of frozen yogurt.¬† Just look at the logo on the cup above-notice the double entendre with the yogurt cups?¬†¬† Yes Cups has an all female staff in form fitting shirts, finally a frozen yogurt store for Daddy!¬† Their motto is frozen yogurt-that’s hot.¬† Their menu board tells you that size matters so grab the right cup and don’t go topless add toppings so this is very different than Sweet Frog Yogurt.¬† The Frog stands for fully rely on God.¬† So Cups is going in another direction, which is OK.¬† If you don’t like what they are doing don’t go in the store but for me I am all about helping girls get through college so I will be in Cups.

Cups 1

cups 2

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  1. Yeah I will bring my daughter there….what a waste of space… Please don’t tell me they are going into longboards space.

  2. ^
    A. Longboards is still in business and doesn’t look like they are in trouble yet.
    B. Hopefully potential froyo franchises have learned to not F with Menchies on East Blvd directly, as the swift closing of the one next to Jersey Mikes illustrated.

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