Dollar Menu To Go Away at McDonald’s

Dollar Menu To Go Away at McDonald’s

MD $ 1

McDonald’s is ending the popular Dollar Menu on November 4th.  Don’t panic, they are replacing it with the Dollar Menu & More.  The new menu will include sandwiches, sides and snacks that will cost up to $2.  The new price increases reflect rising commodities costs with beef being the main culprit.  McDonald’s franchisees have long complained they made little money off the Dollar Menu.  The big money loser was the Double Cheeseburger which left little profit for the stores.  They changed it slightly a few years ago subtracting one slice of cheese and renaming it the McDouble.  McDonald’s has been trying to add more healthy items to the menu but acceptance has been slow, who goes to the Golden Arches for a salad?   Not many people apparently.

MD $ 2

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