Dunkin Donuts Celebrates Valentines Day

Dunkin Donuts Celebrates Valentines Day

Dunkin Valentines Donuts

So you guys are tired of buying flowers on Valentines Day just like you do every year.  Yes your lady friend has come to expect it.  Why don’t you this year throw her a curve and buy her a dozen heart shaped doughnuts?  Whats a few extra pounds?  If she really loved you she would burn it off in the gym anyway.  Dunkin Donuts is selling Cupid’s Choice and Cupid’s Cocoa doughnuts all February.  We recently placed a Dunkin Donuts in the Overstreet Mall in our day job with Legacy Real Estate Advisors so we became very familiar with the Massachusetts based company.  The pent up demand for their coffee was incredible.  Northerners grew up with Dunkin’s coffee so they were very happy with us.

Dunkin Valentine 6 Donuts

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