Flamin’ Crawfish Opens in Myers Park

Flamin’ Crawfish Opens in Myers Park

Flamin Crawfish Boil

Flamin’ Crawfish is finally open at ParkTowne Village in Myers Park.  Flamin’ Crawfish took over the former Nom Nom Burger site.  The public Grand Opening was this past Monday night.  Any group that orders over a $100 on their bill will receive a free lobster during the whole week.  Flamin’ will feature a lot of fresh seafood cooked to order.  Check out the sandwich board below.  Flamin’ is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

Flamin Crawfish Sandwich Board

Flamin Crawfish Lobster

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  1. Wow. No way at those prices.

  2. Montford is Myers Park? Lol.

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