Free Wings at TMac Sports Grill

Free Wings at TMac Sports Grill

TMac Free Wings

Apparently at the end of July there are a ton of National days and today is no different.   July 29th is National Chicken Wing Day.  TMac Sports Grill is going to celebrate this historic day by giving customers 10 free wings when they order 10 wings.  TMac is known for their wings and extensive beer list.  They have 4 locations in North Carolina including Southpark, Huntersville, University and Cary.

TMac Free Wings Bar

You can find me working the PR angle for restaurants around town and keeping the RT readers informed about the latest happenings.


  1. Best wings in town

  2. Love me some Taco Mac

  3. Best wings in town??? You need to get out more.
    Midwood, DD Peckers, Mac’s , Wing House, even Hickory Tavern are better than the rubbery chicken product at Tmacs.

  4. Try the baked wings and heat it up and come back to me about the best wings in town.

  5. Hickory Tavern wings are small and bland, you lose all credibility naming them as having some of the best wings in Charlotte.

  6. I’ll take them small and bland over rubbery and cold, any day of the week. It’s almost as if they are microwaved before served.

  7. Try Bisonte Pizza Co. in Matthews. Bisonte means Buffalo in Italian which is the city the owners hail from. They serve real Buffalo styled wings. They put all these other places to shame. Their pizza is very good too.

  8. No you lost credibility with Wing Housewhivh is a mediocre chain at best.

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