Get Your Sushi & Noodle Fix at CO Restaurant

Get Your Sushi & Noodle Fix at CO Restaurant

CO, a noodles and sushi bar, finally opened it’s Charlotte location this week after a much anticipated wait. The ‘Pan-Asian Cuisine’ restaurant originally started in Charleston, and has since opened 3 other locations including Myrtle Beach, Savannah and now Charlotte.

CO, meaning ‘feast’ in Vietnamese, provides diners with an ample amount of menu items certain to please any sushi lover, thai food fanatic or pho & ramen obsessed individual. The wide menu offers delicious small-bites ranging from pork & ginger gyoza, to malaysian chili wings, to crispy edamame spring rolls. Entrees include a mix of rice and thai dishes, ramen bowls, pho and other broth noodle dishes, Asian-inspired salads, makimono (sushi) and pressed sushi options. Lastly, you can choose to end your meal in dessert heaven by indulging in a plate of their crispy cheesecake wontons.

Of course, being the sushi lover that I am, I jumped on the CO bandwagon at the first chance I could this week. The fun atmosphere, sleek, minimalist decor and upbeat music made it the perfect girls-night-out spot for me and my friends. Immediately after entering, we were blown away with everything from the unique architecture, the friendly staff and quick service, and last but not least, the impressive menu.

What we ordered:

Pork Belly Buns (pork belly, pickled cucumber, carrots, hoisin, cilantro)


The verdict: I will be ordering this every visit. The pork belly was cooked perfectly, rich in flavor and mixed well with the refreshing taste of the pickled cucumbers and fresh cilantro. The buns, a bit sweet and lightly fried, managed to add the right amount of crispiness and flavor to tie it all together.

Pork & Crab Spring Rolls (lettuce bed, cilantro & nuoc cham)


The verdict: The spring rolls were a great item to share among the table. Over all they were a light, refreshing appetizer.

Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll (spicy tuna, cucumber, tempura flakes, spicy masago aioli)
The verdict: The tuna was extremely fresh but overall a bit too spicy for our liking.

Cambodian Roll (spicy crab kani, tempura cucumber, avocado, green peppercorn, spicy aioli)


The verdict: The spicy crab combined with avocado and topped with a creamy, spicy aioli was a combination rich in flavor. Would definitely order again.

Pad Thai (rice noodles, tamarind, bean sprouts, egg, carrots, onions, scallions, peanuts chicken & shrimp)
The verdict: An excellent pad thai dish that you can’t go wrong with.

Vietnamese Ramen (Pork belly, shredded pork, poached egg, egg noodles, bok choy, served in a pork broth)


The verdict: This ramen bowl was a big hit at our table. The pork broth was full of flavor and tasted fresh, not overly salty. The pork belly combined with the poached egg and egg noodles made the dish both extremely filling and satisfying. Due to the generous portion size, it ended up taking multiple people to finish.

Overall, we were all so impressed by our food and dining experience that we are already planning what we will try on our next visit (hello pressed salmon, avocado, lemon aioli sushi). You can visit CO in the Park Road Shopping Center, located at 4201-D Park Road. Restaurant Hours: Sunday – Thursday 5pm – 10pm; Friday – Saturday 11am – 11pm.

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  1. Omg…we clearly went to a different place with the same menu. Kimchi dumplings were sweet. That is just wrong. The rest of the food was also bland and without flavor. The “rich” cambodian role you mention…u mm again no flavor. Typical charlotte dump down flavor with a shit load of people there falling over themselves about how wonderfull it is. It will be a stunning success there with this type of food.

  2. Hello, I came across your blog and have to add my two cents. I also tried CO and have to agree with Roger, I found the food extremely Bland. Everything looked great, but the flavor wasn’t there.

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