Heirloom: Six Course Farm-to-Fork

Heirloom: Six Course Farm-to-Fork

Heirloom Restaurant has been named one of the best 100 restaurants in America by Open Table. They have acquired a superior status by sourcing all of their local ingredients from inside the state of North Carolina including 60% of the wine selection. Heirloom is extremely accommodating to all diet lifestyles and restrictions. With beautifully mix-matched dish ware and country decor, you feel like you are having a hard-earned dinner with family!


Charlotte Foodies hosted a locally sourced Vegan Adventure Dinner this past week at Heirloom inspiring Chef Clark Barlowe to create a plant-based dream for diners, and what he delivered was a delightfully fresh list of gourmet farm-to-fork courses. The first course was a Ten Mile Farm Butter Crunch Salad with Tofu Croutons, Harmony Ridge Roasted Beets, Chef Foraged Black Walnuts and Wisteria Vinaigrette.



The second course was a High Rock Farm Chestnut Soup with Anson Mills Benne Oil, Heart & Sole Farm Kale, and Barbee Farm Garlic Chips. The third course was a House Made Whole Wheat Bucatini with Dover Farm Heirloom Tomato Sauce, Ten Mile Farm Red Kitten Spinach, Barbee Farm Field Peas, and “The Chef’s Farmer’s” Roselle Hibiscus Breadcrumbs.

For the fourth course,  Chef Barlowe cooked up a Chef Foraged Chicken of the Woods Mushroom, Fried and served with Coldwater Creek Farm Grits, Cottle Farm Green Beans, and Barbee Farm Garlic Gravy.


The fifth course was a cashew cheese prepared by Chef Brian Williams of Terra Flora. The cheese was crafted out of Lucky Clay’s sunflower shoots, Crostini, and Tevepaugh Orchard Peach Chutney.



The sixth and final course was a Chocolate Cake served with Peanut Butter Fudge Truffles, Chocolate Sauce, Renfrow Farm Wonderful Pomegranate Seeds, and Newell Farm Strawberry Jam.



For more information about vegan pop-ups, follow Terra Flora, Tephra Vegan, and Move that Dough Baking Co. on Instagram and Facebook!


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